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CargoBeamer is an environmentally friendly logistics solution, where semi-trailers are transported by rail in a resource-saving way. This saves around 85% of CO2 emissions as compared with conventional truck transport. Instead of transporting each semi-trailer individually on the road by truck, CargoBeamer takes up to 38 semi-trailers to their destination with just one intermodal train - electrically. CargoBeamer is a crucial building block for a better carbon footprint while offering shippers cost-effective, reliable and fast delivery of their goods.

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CargoBeamer saves in comparison with road transport by trucks

The parameters and methodology for these values are taken from the studies Handbook on the external cost of transport (2019, page 45), which was commissioned by the European Commission, and Electricity Production Mixes Traction - EU28 (IFEU Heidelberg, 2019).

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