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About us

CargoBeamer is reshaping the future of logistics! In intermodal transport, we are offering smart solutions for transporting both craneable and non-craneable semi-trailers by rail in an environmentally friendly manner. Thanks to CargoBeamer's unique terminals, up to 38 semi-trailers can be loaded horizontally onto a freight train at the same time. There is no need for drivers or tractor units to be taken along, so they can immediately switch to a new transport job, while we take over the long haul by train. Thanks to our steadily growing network of terminals, we transport goods cost-effectively, quickly, and sustainably throughout Europe.

We are active
in the following
business areas

  1. Operation, marketing and dispatching of CargoBeamer trains
  2. Design, use and service of the patented railcars
  3. Construction, operation and maintenance of CargoBeamer terminals
  4. IT system for booking and billing: CargoBeamer eLogistics

CargoBeamer offers an innovative and powerful solution to reduce congestion on highways and to transport semi-trailers by the environmentally friendly rail. Together with numerous partners and customers, we are growing to become a pan-European company that connects all relevant international logistics hubs by its routes and terminal sites.

Nicolas Albrecht

CEO of CargoBeamer AG

The Story Behind CargoBeamer

The idea behind CargoBeamer was created in 1998 by Hans-Jürgen Weidemann together with Michael Baier and Fritz Merk and finally became reality when CargoBeamer AG was founded in 2003. After years of design and further development, we entered the market in 2015 and reached an important milestone in 2021 when opening the world's first CargoBeamer-Terminal. Together with international partners, we are building a Europe-wide network of routes and terminals to transport semi-trailers by rail in an environmentally friendly way.

Invention and patenting

Hans-Jürgen Weidemann, Michael Baier and Fritz Merk develop the idea of CargoBeamer. Technology, trademarks, and designs are patented


CargoBeamer AG is founded in Bautzen, Germany

First railcar & testing terminal

First CargoBeamer railcar is produced. Factory terminal opens and CargoBeamer moves its headquarters to Leipzig

Pilot terminal

CargoBeamer successfully operates pilot terminal at Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg

Market entry

CargoBeamer enters the logistics market by opening first permanent route in Kaldenkirchen - Domodossola

216 new wagons

Fleet grows to 400 intermodal wagons

New offices in Leipzig and Frankfurt

Move to new headquarters in Leipzig, first office opened in Frankfurt

Opening of Calais terminal

Operations at first-ever CargoBeamer-Terminal commence

Four new routes

Connecting France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and the UK


Nicolas Albrecht takes over from Hans-Jürgen Weidemann, who remains with the team as CTO

Domodossola terminal added

CargoBeamer starts to operate Domodossola terminal

Three new locations

New office locations open in Barcelona, Domodossola, and Verona

Record-breaking frequency

Growing transalpine route to largest in Europe

Office Locations


Kreuzstraße 12,

04103 Leipzig / Germany


Bessie-Coleman-Straße 7,
60549 Frankfurt am Main / Germany


CargoBeamer Terminal

91 Rue Gustave Eiffel

62730 Marck / France


Via Domodossola

Gate 6

28851 Beura Cardezza / Italy


Richard-Hegelmann-Straße 6,

99086 Erfurt / Deutschland


Via Francia 21/C, Office 418,
37135 Verona / Italy


Carrer de Pallars 193

08005 Barcelona / Spain

CargoBeamer News

Picture: Bálint Paha / CargoBeamer
CargoBeamer AG®

CargoBeamer expands network by connecting Bari to Domodossola and Kaldenkirchen

Frequency on Kaldenkirchen – Domodossola route also increased to 20 rotations

Picture: CargoBeamer
CargoBeamer AG®

Flexam Invest supports CargoBeamer’s expansion through the financing of 40 railcars

Transaction includes 24 railcars from CargoBeamer’s inhouse Erfurt assembly line

Picture: Girteka
CargoBeamer AG®

Girteka and CargoBeamer complete the 20,000th intermodal transport together

Road and Rail merges the best of both worlds