We transport trailers on rail - environmentally friendly, reliably, Europe-wide

About us

CargoBeamer is reshaping the future of logistics! In intermodal transport, we are offering smart solutions for transporting both craneable and non-craneable semi-trailers by rail in an environmentally friendly manner. Thanks to CargoBeamer's unique terminals, up to 36 semi-trailers can be loaded horizontally onto a freight train at the same time. There is no need for drivers or tractor units to be taken along, so they can immediately switch to a new transport job, while we take over the long haul by train. Thanks to our steadily growing network of terminals, we transport goods cost-effectively, quickly and sustainably throughout Europe.

We are active in the following business areas:

Operation, marketing and dispatching of CargoBeamer trains

Design, use and service of the patented railcars

Construction, operation and maintenance of CargoBeamer terminals

IT system for booking and billing: CargoBeamer eLogistics

CargoBeamer offers an innovative and powerful solution to reduce congestion on highways and to transport semi-trailers by the environmentally friendly rail. Together with numerous partners and customers, we are growing to become a pan-European company that connects all relevant international logistics hubs by its routes and terminal sites.

Nicolas Albrecht

CEO of CargoBeamer AG

Why CargoBeamer means benefits for all

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Nicolas Albrecht

Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Executive Board

Dr. Markus E. Fischer

Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Executive Board

Boris Timm

Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Executive Board

Dr.-Ing. habil. Hans-Jürgen Weidemann

Chief Technology Officer and Member of the Executive Board

Tim Krasowka

Managing Director CargoBeamer intermodal operations GmbH

Alexander Kornblum

Managing Director CargoBeamer intermodal operations GmbH

Mario Glöckner

Managing Director CargoBeamer Terminal GmbH

Philipp Aubert

Managing Director CargoBeamer Rolling Stock GmbH

Our locations


Kreuzstraße 12, 04103 Leipzig


Lyoner Straße 20, 60528 Frankfurt / Main


Richard-Hegelmann-Straße 6, 99086 Erfurt


CargoBeamer Terminal, 91 Rue Gustave Eiffel, 62730 Marck


Carrer de Pallars 193, 08005 Barcelona


Via Domodossola, Gate 6, 28851 Beura Cardezza


Via Francia 21/C, Office 418, 37135 Verona


CargoBeamer intermodal operations GmbH

CargoBeamer intermodal operations GmbH takes care of our customers and partners. It works as the company's sales unit and the operator of our Europe-wide trains, using the CargoBeamer railcars, terminals and the booking portal "eLogistics".

CargoBeamer Rolling Stock GmbH

CargoBeamer Rolling Stock GmbH is in charge of production and operation of the special CargoBeamer railcars. In addition, it takes care of maintenance and, as the railcar owner, fully ensures the "Entity in Charge of Maintenance" (ECM) function.

CargoBeamer Terminal GmbH

CargoBeamer Terminal GmbH accompanies terminal companies and their operators in the construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of cargo handling facilities.

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