CargoBeamer enables the transport of semi-trailers by rail throughout Europe

Routes & Terminals

Thanks to CargoBeamer, your freight gets to its destination quickly, reliably and environmentally friendly. We transport semi-trailers intermodally by rail and connect international industrial centers and logistics hubs. Discover our Europe-wide connections now.

Routes throughout Europe

Our connections

CargoBeamer's network of routes and terminals is growing steadily and aims to cover the whole of Europe in the medium term. Our system enables fast, cost-effective and environmentally friendly international transport of semi-trailers by rail.

Kaldenkirchen – Domodossola

825 km - 18 hour transit time - 22 trips per week

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Kaldenkirchen – Domodossola

Closing (day) Closing (time) Check-out (day) Check-out (time)
Monday 16:30 Tuesday 12:00
Monday 20:00 Tuesday 18:00
Tuesday 16:30 Wednesday 12:00
Tuesday 20:00 Wednesday 18:00
Wednesday 16:30 Thursday 12:00
Wednesday 20:00 Thursday 18:00
Thursday 16:30 Friday 12:00
Thursday 20:00 Friday 18:00
Friday 16:30 Monday 06:00
Saturday 12:00 Monday 12:00
Saturday 14:30 Monday 20:00

Domodossola – Kaldenkirchen

Closing (day) Closing (time) Check-out (day) Check-out (time)
Monday 14:30 Tuesday 15:00
Monday 20:30 Tuesday 20:00
Tuesday 14:30 Wednesday 15:00
Tuesday 20:30 Wednesday 20:00
Wednesday 14:30 Thursday 15:00
Wednesday 20:30 Thursday 20:00
Thursday 14:30 Friday 15:00
Thursday 20:30 Friday 20:00
Friday 14:30 Monday 06:00
Friday 20:30 Monday 06:00
Saturday 11:30 Monday 08:00

Calais – Perpignan

1100 km - 28 hour transit time - 8 trips per week

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Calais - Perpignan

Closing (day) Closing (time) Check-out (day) Check-out (time)
Monday 19:00 Tuesday 21:15
Wednesday 19:00 Thursday 21:15
Thursday 19:00 Friday 21:15
Saturday 19:00 Monday 14:30

Perpignan - Calais

Closing (day) Closing (time) Check-out (day) Check-out (time)
Tuesday 01:00 Wednesday 07:30
Wednesday 01:00 Thursday 07:30
Friday 01:00 Saturday 07:30
Saturday 01:00 Sunday 07:30

Calais – Domodossola

950 km - 30 hour transit time - 12 trips per week

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Calais – Domodossola

Closing (day) Closing (time) Check-out (day) Check-out (time)
Monday 10:30 Wednesday 06:00
Tuesday 13:30 Thursday 07:00
Wednesday 10:30 Friday 06:00
Thursday 10:30 Saturday 06:00
Friday 13:30 Monday 07:00
Saturday 10:30 Monday 18:30

Domodossola – Calais

Closing (day) Closing (time) Check-out (day) Check-out (time)
Monday 06:30 Wednesday 15:00
Tuesday 06:30 Wednesday 14:30
Wednesday 06:30 Thursday 14:30
Thursday 06:30 Friday 14:30
Friday 06:30 Saturday 14:30
Friday 21:30 Monday 06:00

Kaldenkirchen – Perpignan

1200 km - 30 hour transit time - 10 trips per week

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Kaldenkirchen – Perpignan

Closing (day) Closing (time) Check-out (day) Check-out (time)
Monday 11:30 Tuesday 19:00
Tuesday 11:30 Wednesday 19:00
Wednesday 11:30 Thursday 19:00
Thursday 11:30 Friday 19:00
Saturday 11:30 Monday 19:00

Perpignan – Kaldenkirchen

Closing (day) Closing (time) Check-out (day) Check-out (time)
Tuesday 01:00 Wednesday 09:00
Wednesday 01:00 Thursday 09:00
Thursday 01:00 Friday 09:00
Friday 01:00 Saturday 09:00
Saturday 01:00 Monday 09:00

CargoBeamer Terminals

At CargoBeamer terminals, intermodal transport trains are loaded and unloaded simultaneously. Transshipment is horizontal, fully automated and takes only 20 minutes for an entire train. Thanks to our innovative and efficient terminal technology, tractor and driver do not have to be present when the train arrives and can collect the semi-trailers and provide new ones independently any time.

Flexible and space-saving

The design of a CargoBeamer terminal can be flexibly adapted to local conditions. Single or double-sided handling on one or more loading lanes in each case - possibilities are unlimited.

Turnaround in 20 minutes

Complete loading and unloading of an entire train takes only 20 minutes. After a short safety check, the train can depart again right away.

More efficient than the competition

Thanks to the fast turnaround within a few minutes, the throughput rate of a CargoBeamer terminal is two to five times higher than that of a conventional terminal.

Easy to expand

The handling modules are made of precast concrete parts and can be installed in the terminal within a short time. Later expansion of the terminal is already provided for during the planning phase and can then be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

More efficient use of drivers and trucks

Semi-trailers can be delivered or picked up by drivers without the train having to be present at the terminal. This way, we provide a system where trucks can concentrate on local traffic and, after delivering one semi-trailer, take on another one immediately.

Quiet, fast and fully automated

Trains are loaded and unloaded fully automatically and without noise emissions. Additional shunting vehicles are no mandatory requirement. The unloaded semitrailers can be taken along by the trucks immediately or any time later.

Fast gauge changes when crossing the border

When transporting rail cargo across the Russian or Spanish border, the gauge change used to take two to three days, approximately. With CargoBeamer's terminal technology, this happens in less than an hour.

On-site service

At certain terminals we take over the unloading and shunting process for you. In that case the tractor units and drivers only have to provide the semi-trailers or take along the waiting ones. In addition, CargoBeamer takes care of the safety inspection of the departing trains.

Terminal locations

Picture: CargoBeamer AG


Operator: Cabooter Group


Cabooter Railterminal Kaldenkirchen
Bahnhofstrasse 1
41334 Kaldenkirchen

Journey via highway A61 (Exit Nettetal-West/Kaldenkirchen-Nord). The entrance adress is "An der Kleinbahn 16-18", 41334 Nettetal. In front of the company TKD Kabel please make a turn to the left and drive straight ahead to the roundabout, where drivers find a sign.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday 06:00 to 24:00
Samstag 06:00 to 15:00

Picture: CargoBeamer AG


Operator: Schenker Italiana S.p.A.


Terminal Domodossola II
Scalo Ferroviario Domo 2
28851 Beura Cardezza

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday 06:00 to 22:00
Saturday 07:00 to 12:00

Picture: Philippe Turpin/CargoBeamer


Operator: CargoBeamer AG


CargoBeamer Terminal
91 Gustave Eiffel
62730 Marck

Journey via highway A16, exit 48.

Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday 06:00 to 22:00
Sunday 08:00 to 12:00

Picture: PSCCT


Operator: PSCCT


Perpignan Saint Charles Conteneur Terminal
320 Avenue de Barcelone
66000 Perpignan

Journey via Autoroute A9 – exit Perpignan Sud.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday 06:30 to 01:00 (next day)
Saturday 07:00 to 12:00

Picture: Getlink


Operator: Getlink


Waterbrook Ave
TN24 0GB
United Kingdom

Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday 06:00 to 22:00
Sunday 06:00 to 12:00

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