We transport all kinds of semi-trailers by rail

The unique CargoBeamer Technology

CargoBeamer means innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for intermodal transport. Thanks to its unique technology, the company can easily transfer all types of semi-trailers from road to rail and transport them over long distances. The transfer is automated, fast and with no waiting times for the transport companies - an entire intermodal train can be loaded and unloaded simultaneously in just 20 minutes.

How the transfer works

The truck loaded with a semi-trailer arrives at the terminal. Here, the semi-trailer is placed in one of the parking lots. From here is is picked up by a terminal vehicle which places placed the semi-trailer in a loading pallet next to the railway tracks.

The truck can leave the terminal immediately without having to wait for the train. Without delay, it can switch to a new transport job or take along a semi-trailer that has already arrived at the terminal. Waiting times are virtually non-existent, instead tractor units are utilized more effectively and transport companies increase their productivity.

As soon as the train has arrived, all semi-trailers are transferred automatically and with the simple push of a button. It takes CargoBeamer just 20 minutes to unload 36 semi-trailers from an intermodal train and load the same number at the same time. Both steps simply happen simultaneously. By comparison, a conventional crane terminal needs around three to four hours to handle such a train.

After a brief safety check, the fully transferred train is ready to depart for its next destination - without any tractor units or drivers, but always environmentally friendly and without traffic jams.

Routes throughout Europe

Our connections

CargoBeamer's network of routes and terminals is growing steadily and aims to cover the whole of Europe in the medium term. Our system enables fast, cost-effective and environmentally friendly international transport of semi-trailers by rail.

CargoBeamer Terminals

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The different terminal setups of CargoBeamer

A CargoBeamer terminal consists of one or more tracks with loading lanes on both sides. When an intermodal train with semi-trailers arrives at the terminal on one of the tracks, the railcars are unloaded simultaneously to the side. This is done without reach stackers or a crane, but completely automatically at the push of a button. At the same time, new semi-trailers are already waiting in the loading lanes, which are then mechanically shifted onto the train after successful unloading. This way an entire intermodal train can be fully unloaded and loaded in just 20 minutes and is ready to depart again after a short time.

CargoBeamer terminals may be installed at a vast array of different locations. Thanks to the modular design of CargoBeamer terminals they can easily be adapted to local conditions. Options with regard to the number of tracks and loading lanes are diverse and provide room for the most different combinations. For example, a CargoBeamer terminal can completely handle a 700-meter-long intermodal train on a length of only 250 meters by simply transferring the train in groups. Below you will find two possible combinations of how a CargoBeamer terminal can be set up.

CargoBeamer Compact2 Terminal

A Compact2 terminal provides two parallel tracks with two loading lanes on each side. A total of 18 double gate modules carry out the transfer in parallel. Over a length of 400 meters, an arriving train is divided between the two tracks and completely loaded and unloaded within 20 minutes. A terminal of this type will open at our Calais site in summer 2021.

CargoBeamer Compact3 Terminal

This type of terminal has three loading lanes on each side of the track. With a length of just under 250 meters, it easily fits into local conditions with little space and can nevertheless handle ordinary intermodal trains of 700 meters in length. For this purpose, the train is loaded and unloaded in groups, with both loading sides alternating in their role as storage and transfer side, respectively.

The CargoBeamer terminals are at the heart of our technology. Thanks to them, we can handle semi-trailers in record time, achieve extremely high throughput rates, and offer our customers a highly attractive solution for shifting shipments to rail. We are continuously expanding our network of terminals and are firmly focused on our objective of connecting the major European logistics hubs with our CargoBeamer terminals.

Markus Fischer

Chief Financial Officer of CargoBeamer AG

How CargoBeamer is revolutionizing the logistics market

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