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CargoBeamer increases the frequency on it’s transalpine connection

Four new intermodal trains added to the schedule

Starting off this November, CargoBeamer has increased the frequency on it’s lane from/to Kaldenkirchen (DE) from/to Domodossola (IT). A total of four new intermodal trains, two for Germany and Italy each, were added to our schedule.

These are our most recent additions:

Kaldenkirchen – Domodossola:
Tuesday – Loading up to 10:00 h
Thursday – Loading up to 10:00 h

Domodossola – Kaldenkirchen:
Wednesday – Loading up to 10:00 h
Friday – Loading up to 10:30 h

Checkout for each train is scheduled at 08:00 h the following day.

Additionally, CargoBeamer also provides a train over the weekend to/from both locations every week. Loading closes on Saturday 11:45 h each with checkout at it’s destination on Monday at 08:00 h.

By this CargoBeamer delivers cargo daily and increases the amount of trains over the Alps to a total of sixteen trips a auf der Alpinroute auf insgesamt 16 Fahrten pro Woche.


Picture: CargoBeamer AG

About CargoBeamer:

The CargoBeamer Group is a logistics service provider in the “combined transportation road-rail segment” and is based in Leipzig, Germany. Thanks to the company's technology of rail cars, handling terminals and logistics software all standard truck semi-trailers of all build types can use the train – without additional conversions and reinforcements for the tractor trailer and even without a driver and tractor unit. A first route between Kaldenkirchen at the German/Dutch border and Domodossola in northern Italy has been serviced by daily trains since 2015 and is fully utilized – more than 70,000 truck journeys through Germany and the Alps have been transferred to the environmentally-friendly railroad track to date. In the medium-term CargoBeamer will realize a European route-network of high-performing and innovative transhipment facilities at important transport hubs. This will secure sustainable rail-transport for hundreds of thousands of semi-trailers per year – reducing co2-emissions and relieving environment and society.

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