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JSC Russian Railways and CargoBeamer AG cooperate on innovation in rail cargo

JSC Russian Railways, one of the world's largest railway enterprise, and CargoBeamer, a Germany-based market entrant with an innovative solution for rail transportation of standard road semi-trailer based on dedicated wagons and automated rail/road terminals, will introduce innovative rail cargo products to shift freight volume from road to environmentally friendly rail transport. In addition, new products will be developed for rail-based cargo services between Asia and Europe.

„We are very proud of entering into this cooperation with RZD. The Russian Federation is a very important rail cargo freight market. By means of the unique CargoBeamer technology combined with the expertise of one of the world’s leading railway companies, partners shall be able to develop compelling services in the next few years.“ says Markus Fischer.

About the partners:

JSC Russian Railways is one of the world's largest railway companies with huge volumes of freight and passenger traffic,  high financial ratings, qualified specialists in all areas of railway transport, a large scientific and technical base, design and construction capacities, and considerable international experience.  The company operates one of the largest railway systems in the world with a length of 85.5 thousand km, occupying a leading position in the length of electrified lines - 43.7 thousand km. In the transport system of Russia, Russian Railways provides over 45% of the total cargo turnover (including pipeline transportation) and about 25% of passenger traffic

CargoBeamer-Gruppe is a logistics service provider, which is building and marketing an international  ‘rail motorway’ network for unaccompanied combined transport of non-craneable semi-trailers. CargoBeamer has developed wagon and terminal technology in 2009 to 2013. The technology is fully certified by European autorities. CargoBeamer’s first rail transport route between  western Germany and northern Italy has been in operation since 2015 and is constantly growing. Since its opening, CargoBeamer with its innovative trains has transported more than 50.000 trailers in about 1.500 trains across Swiss Alps already. The company targets at realization of an international network of innovative rail/road terminals and environmentally friendly rail transport routes for all kinds of semi-trailers.


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