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Groundbreaking for CargoBeamers first own multi-modal terminal in Calais

CargoBeamer is building a highly innovative transshipment facility with two tracks in 18 so-called "double gate modules" in the immediate vicinity of the ferry terminal Calais and the Channel Tunnel.  When fully completed, the facility will be able to unload and load trains with up to 36 semi-trailers, in a fully automated process within 20 minutes.

A consortium led by the French construction group Eiffage is carrying out the construction work. Operations are scheduled to start in late spring 2021.

Following a long and successful tradition, the northern French port city of Calais is thus consolidating its outstanding position as a logistics hub between England and the European continent.

The project is receiving important support from EU funding instruments with 7 million euros in financing and further funding from the French State and the Hauts-de-France Region.

Following the recent order for 216 new CargoBeamer wagons, the Calais terminal represents another important milestone for the company in the development of its core European network of highly efficient rail transport routes for truck trailers of all sorts, including non-craneable semi-trailers.

With the completion of the facility in Calais, many tens of thousands of semi-trailers of all types will be able to arrive and depart "by rail" there every year, automatically "board and disembark" and travel on to England by ferry or tunnel. The motorways are thus relieved and at the same time the CO2 emissions in freight transport are reduced.

About CargoBeamer:

The CargoBeamer group is a logistics service provider in "combined road-rail transport" with headquarters in Leipzig, Germany. With the company's own technology consisting of rail wagons, transshipment terminals and logistics software, standard truck semitrailers of all types can travel by rail, without additional conversions and reinforcements on the semitrailers, without driver and tractor unit, without restrictions on Sundays and public holidays and with 4 tonnes more payload per trip. A first route from Kaldenkirchen on the German/Dutch border through Switzerland to northern Italy has been operated with two daily trains since 2015 and is fully loaded. More than 70,000 semi-trailers have already been transported in over 2000 trains in an environmentally friendly way by rail.

About Eiffage

Eiffage is one of Europe’s leading construction and concessions companies. The Group’s activities are organised around the following business lines: construction, real estate and urban development, civil engineering, metal, roads, energy and concessions. Thanks to the experience of more than 72,500 employees, Eiffage generated revenues of €18.1 billion in 2019, of which almost 26% was outside France.

About Calais Promotion

Calais Promotion is the responsible agency for economic development in Calais and its region. Financed by the city of Calais and the Agglomeration Grande Calais Terres & Mers, it is a partnership structure for companies. It integrates the large organizations of the region with especially logistics companies such as the Eurotunnel and the port of Calais in their committees. Its mission is to welcome and support project managers who want to establish themselves in Calais and to promote the region with French and international companies. It also supports the development of companies in the region. It participates in the development of the medium and long-term development strategy together with local economic actors.

A preview of how the terminal will look after its completion.

Participation of CEF

The project is backed financially by the "Connecting Europe Facility" ("CEF"). Further information about the participation can be found here.


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