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Flexam Invest supports CargoBeamer’s expansion through the financing of 40 railcars

Transaction includes 24 railcars from CargoBeamer’s inhouse Erfurt assembly line

CargoBeamer, Europe's leading logistics service provider for the intermodal transport of non-craneable semi-trailers, has successfully concluded an asset-based transaction regarding 40 of its railcars structured with Flexam Invest Asset Management, a French private debt manager specialized in assets financing. A part of the funded wagons comes from the first production batch of the Erfurt assembly line, which CargoBeamer opened in 2022. The patented railcars, designed by CargoBeamer, are now operated during day-to-day operations on its railway network of intermodal routes, notably in France between Calais and Perpignan.

“The financing we signed with Flexam Invest will support our company in its growth strategy by strengthening its presence on its core network in Europe. CargoBeamer railcars are one of the key growth drivers in our business, and we are looking to expand our fleet significantly in coming years, just like our network of intermodal terminals and routes” says Dr. Markus E. Fischer, Chief Financial Officer at CargoBeamer.

CargoBeamer railcars are designed for the intermodal transport of semi-trailers and various loading units. Featuring a steel frame and loading pallet, they facilitate horizontal, parallel, and automated loading and unloading of units inside a CargoBeamer-Terminal. With no need for modifications to clients' trailers CargoBeamer’s technology significantly reduces carbon emissions by approximately 85% compared to road transport and allows road freight companies to achieve their environmental objectives. Additionally, the craneable loading pallet enables easy handling of CargoBeamer trains in standard crane terminals or using Reachstacker vehicles, lifting both the pallet and transport unit off the train together.

Fabrice Fraikin, Managing Partner and co-founder of Flexam Invest Asset Management adds: “We are very proud to partner with CargoBeamer for the financing of 40 wagons. With such an innovative solution to limit road traffic, pollution, congestion, and noise, Flexam contributes positively to the dynamics of intermodal solutions and CO2 emissions reductions.”

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About CargoBeamer

The CargoBeamer Group is an innovative logistics service provider in the combined transport between road and rail. As a pioneer in decarbonizing freight transport in Europe on a large scale, its mission is to improve the environment with disruptive and cost-effective solutions to shift freight transport from road to rail. The CargoBeamer system, consisting of patented wagons, transshipment terminals, and logistics software, enables especially non-craneable semi-trailers to be transported by rail, resulting in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions and other external costs. Presently, trains are operated in Germany, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. The company is creating a European network of efficient CargoBeamer terminals, connected in fixed timetables with intermodal trains in high frequencies. This means climate-friendly rail transport for hundreds of thousands of semi-trailers per year and a significant relief for the environment and society.

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About Flexam Invest

Founded in 2011, Flexam Invest is a leading European asset manager with expertise in private debt activities, with a focus on asset-based financing in the transport and logistics sectors, with a decarbonisation goal. In April 2023, Kartesia and Flexam announced their strategic partnership, so Flexam has become the 5th corporate debt strategy of the Kartesia family. Flexam Invest is now a team of 11 professionals, mainly in Paris, with offices in London, steadily integrated to Kartesia group.

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