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CargoBeamer purchases railyard in Domodossola

Companies’ second intermodal terminal will be constructed in Italy

CargoBeamer has acquired land located at the Domo2 railyard in Domodossola, Italy. The purchase contract with the previous owner Ferrovie dello Stato Spa was signed with notarization on March 25th, 2021. CargoBeamer intends to build its first intermodal terminal in Italy on the newly purchased site. The contract was closed by CargoBeamer Italia Srl., which serves as a subsidiary of the CargoBeamer AG for the Italian market.

Connecting Germany and Italy by intermodal trains since 2015

CargoBeamer has been servicing an intermodal lane between Domodossola and Kaldenkirchen (Germany) successfully since 2015. With constantly increasing frequencies, the company currently provides a schedule of eight roundtrips per week on the route over the Alps. The connection between two economically strong regions in Italy and Germany was very well received by the market. Therefore, the German company is planning to implement its second and third intermodal terminal fully using the unique CargoBeamer technology on these two locations – with purchasing the land in Domodossola being an important milestone in this process.

“We are pleased about the signing of the purchase contract and would like to thank all relevant government entities for their support, including the Piedmont Region,” explains Dr. Markus Fischer, Chief Financial Officer of CargoBeamer AG and managing director of CargoBeamer Italia Srl. “Domodossola has been a very important location for the development of our services, and we are happy to maintain good relations towards our Italian partners and customers. Adding up to our first terminal which is currently in the construction and commissioning phase in Calais (France), Domodossola will serve as an important cornerstone in the Europe-spanning intermodal network we are planning to develop within the next years.”

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About CargoBeamer

The CargoBeamer Group is a logistics service provider in the “combined transportation road-rail segment” based in Leipzig, Germany. Thanks to the company's technology of rail cars, handling terminals and logistics software nearly all standard semi-trailers of all types can use the train – without additional conversions and reinforcements for the trailer and even without a driver and tractor unit. A first route between Kaldenkirchen at the German/Dutch border and Domodossola in northern Italy has been serviced by daily trains since 2015 and is fully utilized – more than 70,000 trailer journeys through Germany and the Alps have been transferred to the environmentally-friendly railroad track to date. In the medium-term CargoBeamer will realize a European route-network of high-performing and innovative transhipment facilities at important transport hubs. This will secure sustainable rail-transport for hundreds of thousands of semi-trailers per year – reducing CO2-emissions and relieving environment and society.

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