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1000 times CargoBeamer-Alpin

Kaldenkirchen, 23 March. For the 1000th time the "CargoBeamer Alpin" train is running between Domodossola in Italy and Kaldenkirchen near Venlo on the German-Dutch border.
Just under 20,000 trucks cross the German-Dutch border on the A61 motorway within sight of the reopened Kaldenkirchen terminal - every day. The vast majority are semi-trailers in various designs, as curtainsiders or as refrigerated trailers. Semi-trailers are not only used to transport food and plants from Holland: they handle three-quarters of all road freight transport in Germany and Europe. Due to the construction of their wagons with a transport trough, CargoBeamer technology offers these trucks an immediate switch to rail - without any conversion, without any additional investment for forwarders and logistics companies.
CargoBeamer can now look back on the first 1,000 successfully driven own block trains - "but this is only the beginning", says Hans-Jürgen Weidemann, chairman of the board of CargoBeamer AG from Leipzig. "Every day, around 150,000 semi-trailers cross the German borders alone - there is huge potential for our technology with enormous benefits for society, because every transport of a heavy semi-trailer by rail is lived electric mobility". With their innovative technology, the Saxons have already shifted around 250 million tonne-kilometres of freight traffic to the railways - but with road freight traffic forecast to grow to 600 billion tonne-kilometres by 2030, there is still plenty to do.
The Swiss BLS Cargo and the Hamburg HSL will provide traction, and the trains will be loaded at the Cabooter Railterminal Kaldenkirchen near Venlo and at the Schenker Hangartner transhipment terminal Domodossola north of Milan - still using conventional "reach stackers". However, the aim is to set up automated transhipment facilities in nodes of a European network.
In addition to the wagons, the automated loading technology, which operates simultaneously for all wagons at the same time, forms the second technological pillar of the Leipzig company. An entire train can be unloaded and reloaded in a quarter of an hour with a "mouse click". Short downtimes will also be necessary if, according to CargoBeamer's planning, 1,000 trains are to run every month in a few years.

About CargoBeamer

CargoBeamer AG is a logistics service provider involving a unique system for unaccompanied combined freight transport. The company offers transport solutions for all semi-trailers on special wagons that are handled either in automated terminals or handled with conventional cranes and transferred to rail. Unlike using cranes, all types of semi-trailers without any technical modifications can be received and loaded horizontally. Thanks to its fully automated, parallel and cost-effective handling system CargoBeamer has the potential to revolutionize the freighting industry. The company is based in Leipzig.


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