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CargoBeamer is aimed at freight forwarders, logistics companies and large shippers who are interested in shifting their semi-trailer transports to environmentally friendly rail. With our innovative system, we ensure reliable, fast and cost-effective shipping. Our customers benefit from the fact that they can use drivers and tractor units more effectively and thus significantly increase their profitability as compared with road transport.

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Domodossola Mon 09.08.2021 19:00
Calais Mon 09.08.2021 19:00
Perpignan Mon 09.08.2021 23:59
Duisburg Tue 10.08.2021 08:00
Domodossola Tue 10.08.2021 11:00
Kaldenkirchen Tue 10.08.2021 11:00
Poznan Tue 10.08.2021 12:00
Kaldenkirchen Tue 10.08.2021 17:00
Domodossola Tue 10.08.2021 19:00
Perpignan Tue 10.08.2021 23:59


Kaldenkirchen Tue 10.08.2021 16:30
Perpignan Tue 10.08.2021 21:15
Calais Wed 11.08.2021 08:30
Poznan Wed 11.08.2021 10:00
Kaldenkirchen Wed 11.08.2021 09:30
Domodossola Wed 11.08.2021 08:00
Duisburg Wed 11.08.2021 22:00
Domodossola Wed 11.08.2021 16:00
Kaldenkirchen Wed 11.08.2021 16:30
Calais Thu 12.08.2021 08:30



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Process and booking easier than ever - your advantages with CargoBeamer

No conversion and extra approval

Neither a technical conversion of the existing semi-trailer nor an extra approval for rail transport are required.

Customers increase their profitability

Our customers reduce their costs by up to 20% as compared with road transport.

Double utilization without waiting

The truck does not have to wait for the train and can directly take on a new semi-trailer, thus allowing our customers to double the utilization potential of their drivers and tractors.

More flexibility

Due to the higher throughput rates of our terminals as compared with conventional crane terminals, we can offer a wider range of departure and arrival times.

Digital processing

Booking, documentation, invoicing and tracking can be handled conveniently and digitally via our eLogistics portal.

Live tracking

The location of each trailer can be accessed at any time via our eLogistics portal.

Happy drivers

Drivers can spend evenings with their families rather than at resting areas.

Fewer restrictions

CargoBeamer trains also run on weekends and on public holidays.

CargoBeamer eLogistics Portal

With the CargoBeamer eLogistics Portal you can book transports and manage orders easily, conveniently and securely. Our online platform offers the following options:

  • Book transports digitally
  • View transport jobs and required documents
  • Be informed about the status of your shipment any time on a 24/7 basis
  • Track your shipment Europe-wide and in real time via GPS
  • Retrieve invoices, conditions and framework agreements

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