The Story Behind CargoBeamer


The idea behind CargoBeamer was created in 1998 by our CEO Hans-Jürgen Weidemann together with Michael Baier and Fritz Merk and finally became reality when CargoBeamer AG was founded in 2003. After years of design and further development, we entered the market in 2015 and will reach an important milestone in 2021 when opening the world's first CargoBeamer terminal. Together with international partners, we are building a Europe-wide network of routes and terminals to transport semi-trailers by rail in an environmentally friendly way.


Invention and patenting

Hans-Jürgen Weidemann, Michael Baier and Fritz Merk develop the idea of CargoBeamer. Technology, trademarks and designs are patented.



CargoBeamer AG is founded in Bautzen.


Funding and participation agreement

The Free State of Saxony subsidizes the project within the framework of an R&D cooperation project promotion („FuE-Verbundprojektförderung“). In addition, CargoBeamer concludes an investment agreement with its shareholders.


Rollout of the first railcar

The first CargoBeamer railcar rolls out of the factory.


Factory terminal

CargoBeamer opens the factory terminal in Leipzig. Shortly after this, the company moves its headquarters to Leipzig. 


Pilot terminal

In a pilot project, a first CargoBeamer terminal is successfully operated on the premises of the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg.


Market entry

CargoBeamer enters the logistics market and starts the first permanent connection on the Alpine route between Kaldenkirchen (Germany) and Domodossola (Italy).


Groundbreaking in Calais

Construction work kick-off for the first complete CargoBeamer terminal in Calais (France).


New office in Frankfurt

We open our first office in Frankfurt am Main.


216 new wagons

Fleet growing to almost 350 intermodal wagons


New headquarters in Leipzig

New office after rapid growth in headcount 


Opening of Calais terminal

Group's first ever terminal goes into operation


Four new routes

Connecting France, Germany, Italy, Poland and the UK